Welcome to the MacLeod Media Services website, which gives a snapshot of who we are and what we do.

As a journalist-led operation we offer an array of skills from editorial consultancy, writing, and photography, to media training and newsletter design - plus a forthright approach to clients.

Your first significant hurdle is to convince us you have a story to tell. Fail with us and you will fail with the media. Succeed and we will be pleased to help you broadcast your achievements to a wider audience in a professional, media-friendly way.

Public relations is an art rather than a science, reliant on the skills of the individual practitioner as much as the material he has to work with. Many good stories wither on the vine for lack of a journalistic perspective.

Journalists already consign thousands of costly press releases to the waste bin every year. Minimise the risk that yours will be among them by taking advice based on real Business Desk experience.

Please browse this site to see what we have to offer - and remember that PR is a two-way street.

It has to be done with you, not to you. For optimum results the flow of ideas and information must go both ways.


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